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MySIKAP online transactions enable you to perform transactions involving motor vehicle and driver licensing. Some transactions are free, while others charge service.









Registration Requirements

1. Registration is open to the public with a MyKad (Malaysian), MyPR (Permanent Resident of Malaysia), Passport (Foreigners), agency (Business / Company / Society / Government) - local or foreign registration number recognized.

2. For MyKad holders, MyPR and passport, you must be at least 16 years of age and have had at least one (1) record deal with the Road Transport Department. Examples of transaction - you have a summons or notice, have valid driver's license, have a valid vehicle record so forth.

3. Registration of Business / Company / Organization / Government Public Sector or foreign registration number of recognized with an expiry date at least six months before the expiration date of the registration.


1. 'Public' - Are holders of MyKad, MyPR, Passport and Agencies (Business / Company / Organization / Government).

2. 'Agency (Business / Company / Organization / Government)' - Are registered entities and must not be confused with Business Partner. In the context of the Road Transport Department, "Agency" is an entity that manages its own vehicles as other civilians.





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