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About us - JPJ Website  

This website (JPJ Website) is NOT affiliated, associated, not in any business relationship with Malaysia Road Transport Department (JPJ), the agency in charge of transportation law enforcement in Malaysia. Also, this website is NOT subsidized, funded, sponsored, endorsed, officially approved by JPJ or any government agency, department, ministry and many other companies mentioned.


This website is a small web project designed and developed by two common-interest individual to search, gather, analyze, organize, categorize and publish the widely available information related to JPJ and relevant information, available both on the web and real world, for the sharing and benefit of people who will deal with JPJ.

Needless to say, It's a self-funded, community-based, ongoing project that continues to be worked on from time to time. As we are working on tight budget and limited resources, with no official funded on operating the website, we have much regret that many suggestions, complaints, inquiries made to the administrator of this website haven't been properly handled in timely fashion. Although it may be of no significant value, we will publish your suggestions and update on this website from time to time as when we available to do so.

The goal of this website (JPJ Website) is to provide an easy to understand and useful JPJ information for general public. The goal is simple: Provide an accurate information, knowledge and guide needed before go to JPJ office. We will do everything within our capability to provide an accurate information, knowledge and guide needed mutually beneficial every parties.




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