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JPJ Announces 14 AES Speed Camera Locations  

25 Sept 2012

The Road and Transport Department (JPJ) recently posted up an announcement on their official website citing 14 locations where they will put up their Automated Enforcement System (AES) speed cameras.

The 14 locations are divided into 2 zones with Zone A covering northern areas in Perak and Zone B concentrating at the central around Klang Valley. There seem to be a mixture of fixed, mobile and traffic light cameras that they will use and their ‘services’ are not limited to the highways.

Speed demons are warned as an earlier report proves that these High-Definition cameras will be able to capture an image of your face and car especially your plate number doing speeds above the listed limits at those locations.

Also listed is the jurisdiction courts where you can settle your summonses once it arrives, in the mail, 5 days after you’ve committed the offence.




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